Discount Descarga de software Nik Software Complete Collection 2014

Descarga de software Nik Software Complete Collection 2014

Well, frameworks lock you into a way of thinking. You can look at a website and, with a trained eye, go, "Oh, that's a Ruby on Rails site. " Frameworks have an obvious influence on the kind of work developers can do.

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But you expect to hear that from me. I asked Laurie why she prefers to use Nik plug-ins instead of a more traditional approach like Photoshop. Her response? Using Dfine 2. Whether you are trying to bring up details in shadowed areas with Viveza 2 or creating global enhancements throughout your image by adding a soft, moody effect, with Color Efex Pro 4 and the Midnight filter for example, you have total control how you want your image to look.

Laurie also likes the Glamour Glow filter — even for animals! Mike watched as the student used a Control Point in Viveza to selectively adjust exposure and color without having to resort to complicated layers and masks. He was intrigued and downloaded the software as soon as he got home.

Then he fine tunes the image using Control Points in Viveza 2. I asked Mike to name a few of his favorite Color Efex Pro 4 filters and he rattled off several that he uses on a regular basis, often with four or more used on one image. Peter typically adjusts only the overall exposure, saturation, compression and structure. He likes using Dfine because it allows him to easily eliminate noise while maintaining important detail.

He also uses Nik Sharpener Pro 3 to sharpen his images for web and print. There you have it, folks. I owe a huge thanks to Laurie, Mike, John and Peter for taking time out of their busy schedules to share their thoughts and advice with me. Please take a moment to check out their websites and get inspired by their photography! Bret Edge is a nature and adventure photographer in Moab, Utah. His interest in photography evolved as an extension of his life long passion for the outdoors.

He is an avid hiker, backpacker, mountain biker and canyoneer. In the years since, he has traveled extensively throughout the American West creating a diverse portfolio of dynamic images. While Bret enjoys seeing his work in print, he receives the most satisfaction by helping others realize their potential as photographers.

He accomplishes this by leading several group workshops each year and guiding photographers on private photo excursions.

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