Low cost Micromat TechTool Pro 9 discount

Micromat TechTool Pro 9 discount

Jan 29, - Micromat, a leader in diagnostic maintenance and repair for Mac, is offering a 60% discount for the full version of TechTool Pro to all Apple. 15+ active Micro Mat coupons, promo codes & deals for Nov. Most popular: TechTool Pro 11 from $ Looking for New Micromat Black Friday Sale & promo codes? Buy Techtool Pro 11 And Get A FREE Upgrade To Techtool Pro 12 When It Is Released . TechTool Pro 9 Full Version from $; TechTool Pro Collection from $

No previous serial number required to upgrade As always, no need to have a previous version installed Get the full version of Techtool Pro 9 for the upgrade price More complete than ever, Techtool Pro 9 is the most advanced version of the acclaimed Macintosh troubleshooting utility we've ever created.

Our new version is now macOS Sierra compatible and gives you more tests, more control, and more accuracy than ever before. Here are just a few of the new features: TechTool Protection - Reengineered to better protect your Mac TechTool Pro 9 includes the option of installing a system preference pane to keep watch over your Mac.

All of that, wrapped in an entirely new interface. New Tests and Tools Adding to what is already the most complete suite of hardware tests available for the Mac, Techtool Pro 9 now includes a variety of new tests and tools. You can now test and repair the partition map of connected drives. The partition map keeps track of how your drive is structured as a whole, as well as important start up information.

Keeping it healthy ensures that your data stays were it's supposed to be. You can also now test your Mac's bluetooth and networking hardware, as well as benchmark your Mac's processors. Protect Important Data The best way to prevent data loss is to be prepared.

TechTool Protogo allows you to create a bootable diagnostic device that contains TechTool Pro and all of its most powerful tools as well as any of your own utilities you may wish to install.

You can then use this device to boot, check, maintain, and repair Macintosh computers as needed. Simply launch Protogo, choose Protogo from the Mode menu, and use it to set up a diagnostic disk. Complete Hardware Testing TechTool Pro includes the most comprehensive hardware testing in the industry. On some machines there are more than electrical and temperature sensors that TechTool Pro will check.

If any of those sensors report values outside of their acceptable operating range, the new Sensors test will let you know. TechTool Pro also tests your Mac's cooling system, and can test laptop batteries as well, so you can catch small problems before they become big ones. In addition, test networking ports, WiFi and more using the Network and Bluetooth tests.

Advanced Memory Testing TechTool Pro 7 took a revolutionary step in testing memory, making TechTool Pro's memory testing suite the most comprehensive test available for the Mac. Now, memory is 'cleaned' before testing, reclaimed from macOS, maximizing the amount of RAM that can be tested. Take control of your Mac Utilize a suite of maintenance routines to keep your Mac running smoothly.

Manually run your Mac's daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance routines, as well as rebuild key system caches. Diagnostics and Repair Start with Check Computer to perform a complete diagnostic check of your Mac and hard drives.

If problems are found, advice is provided on how to proceed to repair the problem. Use Check Computer regularly as a part of your preventive maintenance program.

Customize testing using built-in preferences. Volume Rebuild TechTool Pro will test, rebuild, and repair damaged directories on corrupted hard drives, and optimize the data directories when they are repaired. Volume Rebuild will display a comparison chart before directory data is replaced. Use Volume Rebuild to keep your drives operating at their peak performance. In most utilities, just the overall results - passed or failed - are reported to the user. In the failed state, often there is little or no time to back up data before the drive fails entirely.

Previous versions of TechTool Pro reported the overall status of each attribute, but some attributes don't contribute to the failure of a drive. TechTool Pro now knows which attributes contribute to drive failure, and will report a failing result before the drive fails completely. Giving you time to rescue your data.

Partition Map TechTool Pro will test and repair hard drive partition maps. The Partition Map test will verify the health of the partition map and the Partition Repair tool will repair any errors found in the partition map. Memory Test RAM problems are quite prevalent and can cause a variety of crashes, program errors and even data loss. We've seen many cases where a user will be chasing down a disk or extension problem when their issue was simply a faulty and inexpensively replaced memory module.

As part of the RAM test, we've also added an SPD report that shows you an enormous amount of technical and other interesting information about your computer's memory. Using the eDrive, there's no need to reformat or to boot from a DVD or secondary hard drive. Volume Cloning Volume Cloning creates exact duplicates of your volumes for trouble-free archiving to backup your data and applications. Cloning volumes can also be helpful if you are upgrading from a smaller size hard drive to a larger drive.

You have the options of creating a duplicate of an entire disk, file syncing by adding only the changed files to a clone, or cloning to numerous disc image formats.

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Micromat releases TechTool Pro 6 | Macworld

I've used TechTool Pro since it first came out and have always been happy with it, but I have not yet used the latest version. Just passing the deal along for anyone who might need a Mac utility like this. And before anyone TCs, years ago you could get TTP as part of various promo bundles with several other titles for somewhere in the ballpark of this same price, but I haven't seen any of those deals for years. Full product info from Micromat is here [ micromat. Here's an abridged version of the email I received:

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