Purchase What Sharpener Pro 3 to buy for mac?

what Sharpener Pro 3 to buy for mac?

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Discount What Sharpener Pro 3 to buy for mac?

Well, that makes two of us. This upgrade lets you sharpen bit images or presharpen raw files. The new Selective Sharpening feature makes it much easier to quickly select areas of interest and apply different levels of sharpening to each of them. And if you use a desktop ink-jet printer, Sharpener Pro 2. Its default preview contains a single zoomable image, but you can also choose side-by-side or above-and-below split previews for making before-and-after judgments. In case you get lost in the world of sharpening, the interface also includes a button to instantly access helpful tips or the full product manual.


Mastering the Nik Collection- 21: Sharpener Pro 3 RAW Presharpening

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